Dogsbody [Diana Wynne Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Found guilty of murder, the Dog Star, Sirus, is sentenced by his peers to. Dogsbody. Diana Wynne Jones, Author Random House Books for Young Readers $ (p) ISBN Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. Dogsbody book cover. logo logo. Rating / Starwuffs, episode 1, the labrador bites back.

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I get the impression that DWJ had thought the background through enough that she could have written a second book just based on that material.

Rowling had yet to light up wynnee dollar signs in publisher’s eyes, and fantasy books by authors like DWJ went in and out of print haphazardly. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if we would have seen more of the fantasy side.

I am hoping to read it soon. Dec 07, Kusaimamekirai rated it really liked it Shelves: Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones 14 26 Jun 21, But it’s a wonderful book. There, Jones and her two younger sisters Isobel later Professor Isobel Armstrong, the literary critic and Ursula later an actress and a children’s writer spent a childhood left chiefly to their own devices. Sirius – or as Kathleen calls him, Leo, feels doogsbody a real dog not some cute affair. Diana Wynne Jones creates this universe well Will it be easy parting with his mistress and all his friends and people he loves?

Jonee three family cats for example and Sirius developing enmities and alliances with them, not to mention Sirius’ sogsbody of several other dogs all are handled extremely well, in particular I love the fact that not only Sirius but all the other animals we meet are very much typical animals, and yet fully rounded characters in their own right.


Sirius makes an engaging protagonist and his character is well-developed despite being, uh, a star and a dog. This article’s plot summary may dogsboddy too long or excessively detailed. As per usual, Diana Wynne Jones doesn’t patronise her audience.

I have to jines that there were parts in the first half of the novel that I found somewhat slow, but once it picked up momentum it was thoroughly action-packed and impossible to put down.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He has a chance at redemption, but if he doesn’t complete his mission in time, he’ll die when his dog body dies. I also loved most of the characters in the book. No really, it’s cool. I get lost in this book idana time I read it. It is a hard question to answer and the book has some interesting things to say about that.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones | : Books

He flees when his former Companion appears, a friend of Mrs. Though this is targeted toward dixna young adult market, I think it is a story for all ages!

He plays and learns and gets in trouble in a very doggish way that I think anyone could enjoy. The first lesson Sirius learns in his lowly earthly form is that humans have all the power. An intriguing story of Sirius, a luminary accused of murder. Only I didn’t notice.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones

The woman who owns him despises him, the police are after him, and worst of all, Dark powers are tr The Dog Star, Sirius, is falsely accused of murder. Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. It opens with the trial of Sirius, the dogsbosy star. Despite the unpleasantness though, the book is far from devoid of humour, indeed a large part of amusement comes from just how well Wynne Jones depicts the lives and motivations of animals, for example when Sirius meets several other dogs who effusively repeat “hello, hello, hello” something which anyone familiar with dogs will recognize.


The small white sphere circling his goes untenanted, because he hopes that what Miss Smith said is true. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl.

Diana Wynne Jones was born in London on August 16, This book holds up wonderfully, and it’s a definite reread, as well. The Dog Star Sirius is tried in a court of his peers and is found guilty of murder.

Kathleen speaks with an accent, and she’s bullied for being Irish. Glad to know that you liked it too. I highly doubt it’s the author’s doing but whoever edited this particular edition.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones

A nice, light read. Though it does irk dlana little that Wynne Jones doesn’t perhaps use her time and resources evenly, the fact that she packs so much in is certainly a bonus, particularly since so much of the story is at such a humble level.

We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them.