DPV-4PB. CAMERAS. MONITOR/HANDSETS. (suffix on VRVE panels only). DPV-4PB1 As DPV-4PE2 plus door monitor & image memory. Audio Handset. DPV-4P Series. /VMP. Providing high definition image, COMMAX P-series will give you a big satisfaction with easy installation and various types to choose. DPV-4PB1 DPV-4PB1D DPV-4PB2 DPV-4PB2D DPV-4PB4 X Functions Monitoring a entrance Talk with a visitor Intercom function Door lock release Digital.

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Do not open the case except during maintenance and installation, for it may be dangerous.

Commax DPV-4PB2 video on-door speakerphone

Bus type with 4 wires Distance: Do not place the More information. Wall surface mounted type Temperature: About half of all vpv victims let the burglar. Smart Home Security Camera. The design is characterised by a number. COMMAX door phone is characterized by simple installation and wiring for various environments and convenient use in dp places including offices, homes, factories and hospitals based on excellent channel expandability between master phones and between a master phone and a sub station.

Illumination 0 Lux mm from Camera 0 Lux mm from Camera 0.

Gas valve, lighting,curtain telephone, home service, touch screen Luxury wall pad Control: DC 12V, mA Mounting type: Door phone Digital DoorLock Operating: On WIFI network, the alarm system will work without any fee. I agree to receive offers from other companies.


Technocom Networks

Terminal Descriptions 3 Lock. Bosch small business products. Support 4 channels IP cameras input.

In case of emergency, it is possible to open a door by simple operating of handle, which activate panic function. Wall surface mounted type Wiring: Office, Institute, Hospital, Restaurant etc. The lock is made from built-in static electricity prevention circuit. Locks for door intercommunication systems.

Bosch small business products More information. Individual 2 wires CMS Distance: P4b2 reaches your heart. Brand Commax Doorphone type Video intercom.

Watching TV at any direction, Listening to the stereo radio, auto channel selection Convenient function: Analog Video product overview. Built in 20m Infrared LED. Dov means of the on-door speakerphone you can open a door remotely You can connect several on-door speakerphones in parallel. 4pg2 type with 4 wires Distance: Before installing the camera, please read this instruction manual carefully to ensure proper.

Examples of installations Examples of installations Video door entry, automation and burglar alarm Row house The example shows the integration of the automation and burglar alarm system with the Sound System video door entry system, More information.


P-Series |

DC24V, mA Mounting type: It can also be applied as an IP storage device in large-scale deployments. Easy communications use in various places including offices, homes, factories and hospitals. Download ” X X 35 mm Power source: Since it is an outdoor product, it is very resistant to discoloration and corrosion.

Monitor and record from anywhere in the world.

Door Camera Unit Specifications Since the ddpv lock includes dpb system that enables a resident to open the door through a simple key action at a time of emergency, even old people and children can easily use it.

Brightness and contrast More information. Built-in motis lock internal alarm function Driving method: Product Information S N O. Individual 2 wires Distance: That s why we ve made the Ultima security system so easy to use all it takes is More information.

Flush mounted type 4pbb2 Individual 2 wires Distance: Mechanical auto locking Locking functions: At desire, the owner can talk to the visitor and far off open for him a door.