Eucheuma , Orig. name Gigartina isiforme () Endlicher , Variety Eucheuma isiforme var. denudatum , The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiforme harvested from the Nicaraguan. The yield and physicochemical properties of native and alkali treated carrageenan from Eucheuma isiformeharvested from the Nicaraguan coast were .

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As a result of heavy grazing or nearly lethal conditions, large-diameter short segments of Eucheuma thalli may remain alive and fall onto the bottom, where their surfaces regenerate. Croley, The offshore benthic flora of the southwest coast of Florida. Making alkali-treated Eucheuma seems to consume most of the cottonii Eucheuma produced, for it is far less expensive than extracted carrageenan. The principal costs are in heat and separating the carrageenan from the extraction water.

At present there is considerable question as to their structure, e. This value, C, may be high due to genetic variability in the population or due to uneven grazing, responses to environment, different ages of seedstock branches orientations and isifoeme of the thalli.

However, the largest volume of alkali-treated Eucheuma is in pet foods where it is used as a powdered, granulated or hydrated gel component in the various formulations.

Eucheuma isiforme – Wikispecies

The others are almost all farmed. Creating circumstances which allow them to do this is one of the better ways to get this farming undertaken. Nomenclatural notes Doty The farms are on reef flats or other horizontal bottoms near extreme low-water level. This equipage may be as little as just the essential knowledge of what seaweed is to be harvested and where it is found. Micrograzing forms could be defined to include certain sizeable echinoderms that are sometimes bad pests in Eucheuma farms.

Inducing regeneration Section 4. Pale yellower thalli are found in some bright light eucheu,a. Tham Ah Kow were working cooperatively at the time and only with cottonii. Furthermore it is almost impossible to obtain such information without living at the usiforme being studied.


The concession plans in Indonesia and Malaysia; at least, were established so as to leave passageways for local boat traffic. Temperature acclimation in cultured Eucheuma isiforme from Ekcheuma and E. He reports the fish eating as much as 20 tons per month of live cottonii from a patch about 3 meters horizontally wide and meters long. Eucheuma gelatinae showing the flat branches arising from marginal cylindrical teeth.

Journal of Applied Phycology 1: Algaebase is sponsored by: New Wucheuma, John Wiley and Sons, p.

There is no shortage of suitable farm area, and the capital cost per hectare is very low; so unless there is a great labor saving, there is not much pressure for higher Eucheuma productivity.

Infections and infestations are known. Eucheuma alvarezii branch showing its cylindrical axis with branches that are commonly enlarged maximally just beyond a basal curvature toward the light.

In yet other places they are avidly sought out and eaten. Secondly, the farmers pay euchuema attention to the purported endangered species nature of this or other species. Thalli may be black in intense light and relatively redder in the shade or in deeper water due to relative abundance of phycoerythrin. Following a final draining, the treated material may be dried whole, or chopped and dried. Their growth is similar to terrestrial plant species, where Eucheuma have a growing tip, or apical meristemwhich is also capable of dividing to form new growing branches.

Total estimated cost of materia1s and installa tion of a one acre monoline Eucheuma euccheuma. A diploid vegetative phase Phase 1 produces haploid non-motile spores called tetra-spores.

Only the latter is predominantly from wild crops. Gross physical damage is included under Section 4.

Eucheuma isiforme () :: Algaebase

Early experience Doty a,b in developing the farming of Eucheuma led to the statement “having the farms small, and owned and operated by the workers who benefit in proportion to their investment of material and effort seems to be the key to successful production of this seaweed. Table 8 displays the materials and their costs for one acre farms constructed in easternmost Sabah, Malaysia, for the State Fisheries Department.


The two such thalli resulting continue their normal growth though one is unattached. Eucheuma species are used in the production of carrageenanan ingredient for cosmeticsfood processingand industrial manufacturing, as well as a food source for people in Indonesia and the Philippines.

After a few crops, further use of this selection procedure produces neglible results insofar as improvement is concerned. Thus, despite the published lists of capital costs usually stated for a hectare e. The many measurements of Lim et al. Basically it is a multiaxial filamentous red algal genus which becomes strongly pseudoparenchymatous. A third malaise is “tip darkening,” relative to the adjacent segments below the affected branch apices.

Common names and the species of Eucheuma. The species vary greatly in form as a result of the environments in which they grow. Wound healing from breakage or abrasion, e. Master’s Thesis deposited in the University of Hawaii Library, p.

In serious infections there can be at least one of these sea urchins developing to adulthood in almost each Eucheuma thallus. Crop quality, not its productivity, is the greatest agronomic concern. Most farms are probably near one tenth of a hectare or far less than a hectare in extent.

Eucheuma isiforme

Their declared values do not necessarily indicate the dollars returned to either the first seller or the exporter. A fourth malaise is “tip discoloration” relative to the adjacent segments below the affected apices.

Arsenic is below the U. These may remain alive though reduced to an unbranched cylinder. Navy Hydrographic Office, Publ.