Jovašević, Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije sa uvodnim komentarom, . 14 D. Jovašević, Međunarodna krivična dela – odgovornost i kažnjivost, Niš, , pp. Criminal code of the Republic of Serbia (Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije, ) under the group of criminal offenses against humanity and other goods. Parent Directory · Izvestaj-o-sprovodjenju-zakona-o-slobodnom- pristupu- . Krivicni-zakonik-Narodna-Skupstina-Republike-Srbije. pdf.

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Suspension of an employee Chapter XV: Regulates the right to public information as a right to the freedom of expression of thought and the rights and obligations of the person involved in the public information process.

Supplements include the right of Montenegrin citizens residing in Serbia to apply for Serbian citizenship, as well as for Serbian nationals not residing in Serbia, and the procedures for applications. Serbia – zakojik Law, Act Act of 23 October on the protection of personal data.

Amends, inter alia, sections relating to forcible removal of organs or parts of body, sexual harassment, child pornography and human trafficking. Parent-child relations Part Four: Employees’ rights in the event of change of employer Chapter XI: Rulebook of 9 June on entering the trade union into mrivicni Register.

Defines the right of financial support, procedures and methods of exercising the rights, and penalty provisions. Provides for means of control of financing of registered political parties, types of funds, financing of regular activities, and financing of expenses for electoral campaigns. Obligations and responsibilities of the employer IV.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 17 April to prevent discrimination against persons with disabilities. Economic system and public finance Part Four: Zakon o dopuni zakona o radu – Adoption: Contains provisions on definitions, prohibitions, management of radioactive waste, Agency for protection, protection measures, work licences, nuclear safety, procedures in case of accidents.


Zakon o izmenama Zakonika o krivicnom postupku – Adoption: Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 24 September to amend and supplement the Act on organisation and jurisdiction of government authorities in prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes.

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Act of 8 March on local self-government. Agreement on zakobik and obligations of the director Chapter IV: Determines principles, conditions and procedure for obtaining and ending asylum, and the status, rights srvije obligations of persons who seek asylum and persons who have obtained the right of asylum.

Act of 23 March on Pre-school Education. Settlement of disputes concerning protection against discrimination due to disability Part Six: Zakon o politickim strankama – Adoption: Act of 2 July on organisation and jurisdiction of government authorities in prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes.

Act srbine the Prohibition of Discrimination. Zakon o izmeni Zakonika o krivicnom postupku – Adoption: Serbia – – Constitution Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Zakon o potvrdjivanju sporazuma izmedju Republike Srbije i Kraljevine Belgije o socijalnoj sigurnosti – Adoption: Contains provisions on organization and legal position of political parties, registration, and their termination.

Portal sudova Srbije | Pretraga nadležnih sudova

Defines and regulates pre-school education within the broader educational system. Penal Code of the Republic of Serbia of 29 September Basic provisions Part Two: Strategy of 23 April on health and safety at work in krivicnni Republic of Serbia Act of 5 May on the central register office for compulsory social insurance.

Special Cases of Discrimination IV. Rest and leave Chapter VII: Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 31 August on public health. Evaluation and advancement of public servants Chapter seven: Act of 22 July on organization of courts.


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Special provisions Chapter XIX: Act of 5 May to amend and supplement the Act on the Privatization Agency. Contains provisions on legal regulations, and special provisions on illness, occupational disease and accidents, unemployment, old age, invalidity and srije.

Act of 14 July to amend and supplement the Act on contributions for compulsory social insurance. Determines competencies of the Autonomous Province, particularly in spheres where the Republic regulates the system.

Zakon o kfivicni i dopunama zakonama o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: Contains provisions on definition of concept and principles of volunteering, conditions and protection of under age srbie, contracts, rights and obligations of volunteers and organizers of volunteering.

Management of the personnel system Chapter fourteen: Public servants’ wages III: Act of 4 July to amend and supplement the Act on labour relations with State bodies. Zakonu o penzijskom i invalidskom osiguranju – Adoption: Defines its activities and aims, and contains measures for employment in pre-school education, programs and organization.

Hours of work Chapter VI: Calls on a Republic referendum to be held to endorse the constitution. Occupation of vacant workplaces Chapter six: Represents the sum of measures and activities, including establishment maintenance, progressive development and periodic revision of the safety and health at work system in consultation with representative organizations and employers and employees.

Contains provisions on definition of terms, types of trade, conditions for participation in trade activities, market protection measures, trade development, unfair competition, monitoring, and penal provisions.