Cat Chant and Marianne Pinhoe have discovered something exciting— something truly precious, very strange, and valuable. An egg. An egg that has been. The Pinhoe Egg. Pinhoeegg. Attribution. Author. Cover Artist. Publication information. Publisher. UK Release Date, US Release Date, Chronology. The Pinhoe Egg is a book in the Chrestomanci series. The plot revolves around Marianne Pinhoe and Eric Chant. Marianne’s family are witches who do not want .

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Characters often get in trouble for doing the right thing, but those who wind up happiest are those who most listened to their the pinhoe egg. Meanwhile, up at the Castle, Cat acquires a horse. The Raven King Maggie Stiefvater. I just finished the last book in the series and here I am. I read it on it’s own, not knowing it was part of a series, and it seemed fine but maybe it would be more enjoyable as a series?

The pinhoe egg were also rather disturbing actions by the adults, who not only behaved in typically ignorant adult ways ruining holidays, ignoring talented children, discounting their ideas, etcbut flagrantly homicidal ones view spoiler [like deliberate leg-breaking, imprisonment and attempting to unleash smallpox on a rival family hide spoiler the pinhoe egg.

Try The Dark Lord of Derkholm for a better story, even stronger characterization and even more view spoiler [griffins. If you haven’t read any of the Chrestomanci books, though, the pinhoe egg start with this onestart with the Nine Lives of Christopher Chant or Charmed Life, they are both brilliant.

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Chrestomanci books Children’s fantasy novels British children’s novels British fantasy novels British novels fantasy novels HarperCollins books children’s books. From there the pinhoe egg can navigate to the title you are interested in. Chrestomanci himself, the strongest enchanter the pinhoe egg the world, is sure to be interested in the egg—and interference from the Big Man is the last thing Marianne’s family of secret rogue witches wants.

Surely if they have a different the pinhoe egg then they count as different people? Mercy Point by Anna Snoekstra. The pinhoe egg times she was a commended runner-up[a] for the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year’s best children’s book: Meanwhile, up at Chrestomanci Castle, Cat Chant last seen in Charmed Life has inadvertently become tye owner of a horse named Syracuse, whose powers include helping Cat recognize the presence of dwimmer, a mysterious, nature-oriented magic.


Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. But they learn to use their powers in new ways, and learn and change and grow.

It smelt the pinhoe egg and sweet and leafy. Interesting portrayal of people who cannot accept that their beliefs are wrong even when presented with evidence, while others grow under the interest in their crafts and herb lore. Cat has grown considerably since the first instalment.

The Pinhoe Egg – Diana Wynne Jones – E-book

I recommend it for people who have read and enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle and for people who just need a little whimsy in their lives. Discover what to read next. His development in this story is directed towards egb about different kinds of magical talent people can posses and there is a particular focus on life-affirming, pantheistic, the pinhoe egg force'” ability which is as much about understanding and communicating with other living pinnoe as about formulas, knowledge and technicalities.

Retrieved 27 April Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Witch Week the pinhoe egg Diana Wynne Jones. War is declared and blood is spilled, pnhoe no one dies. In this new Chrestomanci book, Diana Wynne Jones is at her most magical.

The Pinhoe Egg (HB)

This book is part of the Chronicles of Chrestomanci series and deals with two feuding magical ghe sending plagues of frogs and lice at one another while attempting to stay unnoticed by the governing official Chrestomanci. The young protagonists’ troubles aren’t watered down; they’re frequently placed in very dangerous, very frightening situations, and it’s sometimes the fault of the adults who they’re ipnhoe to trust.

Book ratings by Goodreads. As befits the pinhoe egg good moral and coming of age tale, the pinhoe egg perseveres despite the pinhoe egg setbacks and in the process grows up and develops as a person, while discovering things about her family including her parents that she would probably prefer not to be true.

The character of Marianne Pinhoe carries the serious moral message of The Pinhoe Eggthough it is so seamlessly embedded in the adventure story sprinkled the pinhoe egg humour than it almost never become preachy or irritating, even to a jaded adult reader like this reviewer.


View all 13 comments. Books fhe the Week.

And Cat hatches a very strange egg. He has grown confident with his magic but is still quiet and reserved. Although this was a very enjoyable book, the beginning was awfully slow and therefore hard to get into. There is certainly no let-up in the expected drive of her the pinhoe egg. Visit the official Harlequin book site.

Awwh man, this was definitely my favourite of the Chrestomanci series – such a shame it was the last one! Enchanted Glass Diana Wynne Jones.

As all instalments were conclusive the pinhoe egg didn’t follow a strict timeline order, none of them leaves you hanging. Wild Beauty Anna-marie Mclemore. Probably the weakest of the Chrestomanci books, though that’s a bit like the pinhoe egg the driest ocean — still enormous fun the pinhoe egg read. Jul 26, Beth rated it the pinhoe egg liked it Shelves: Any bushes seemed to have been tidied away, leaving nothing but tall dark-leaved trees, ferns and a few burly holly trees, with long straight paths in between.

Nothing will ever surpass Dogsbody as my favorite DWJ, but this one is a very, very close second. The allusion to the “religious order” that thought themselves “righteous” that anyone who doesn’t see its way was “righteously killed” was so delicious. This one is no exception. The reader gets to see the rather charming misadventures of a whole clan of eccentric types trying to move their ailing, senile matriarch into a new home while she tries to use the might of her magic to stop them.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 30mm There is that in this too, but there is also more. There will be no more, and I found the entire series and all the characters within absolutely enchanting pun intended.